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    Consilium Global Business Advisors - Strategic Business Growth planning, development & execution achieved through improved marketing & new market entry.

    what we do

    Consilium’s International Business Development Methodology


    global sales strategy forms the foundation for multiple disciplines vertically integrated into Consiliums export growth consulting model

    • Mesh w/Corporate Strategy
    • Market Selection
    • Ownership Goals
    • Government Relations


    • Inbound
    • Localization
    • Research
    • Communications


    export finance and foreign exchange risk management are two of many creative disciplines vertically integrated into Consiliums export growth consulting model

    • Financing & Subsidies
    • L/Cs & Terms
    • Foreign Exchange
    • Taxation

    channel management is one of many creative disciplines vertically integrated into Consiliums export growth consulting model

    • Model
    • Selection
    • Training & Engagement
    • Management


    • FCPA & Export Compliance
    • Foreign Exchange
    • Insurance
    • Contracts & Agreements

    international logistics is one of various fundamental disciplines vertically integrated into Consiliums export growth consulting model

    • Efficiency
    • Cost
    • Risk



    Quick Overview

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    Typical Clients

    Typical Clients

    Consilium’s typical clients are SMEs with well developed domestic business.  They often have sales of $30-100MM and seeking growth opportunities in the face of stagnating/mature domestic markets.

    Services Consilium Offers

    Services Consilium Offers

    Strategic Planning / Implementation Preparation Assistance / Ongoing Execution Support.  Engagements are adapted to each client’s current situation and long-term objectives.

    Areas of Expertise

    Areas of Expertise

    Consilium’s Principles have substantial personal experience in established and emerging markets; in diverse and varied vertical/industry markets; and in industrial & consumer products and services.

    Vertically Integrated

    Vertically Integrated

    The Consilium solution incorporates several traditionally distinct disciplines into a single solution.  Clients benefit from a “big company” model adapted to SMEs’ requirements and budgets.

    Export University

    Export University

    Consilium’s resources for clients includes a huge variety of white papers, eBooks and other materials related to various exporting related topics.

    Revenue Diversification

    Revenue Diversification

    In today’s uncertain markets, businesses desperately need the security that comes with market diversification. Stabilized revenues and early market recovery acceleration supplement traditional counter cyclical markets and currencies.

    International Business Consultant

    International Business Consultant

    We’ve done it ourselves.  We’ve owned companies.  We’ve done lots of international business and built markets.  It’s not an academic exercise for us.




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    Consilium Global Business Advisors Export UniversityLooking for information on international business development?

    Check out our Resource Center at Export University


    cōnsilium; noun 


    1. Plan
    2. council, advisory body
    3. judgement, wisdom
    4. advice

    Companies need a carefully developed and properly executed global business development plan.  Yet among those who do export, too many pursue a patchwork of ad-hoc isolated efforts.  This ”circumforaneus” method – (from Merriam Webster – cir•cum•fo•ra•ne•ous adj \¦sərkəmfə¦rānēəs, sər¦k-\ : going about from market to market : wandering from place to place, like a jester) squanders the global potential.

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    Worth Considering

    “In addition, SMEs face insufficient knowledge of foreign markets, in contrast with a larger firm’s access to market intelligence and its direct presence in targeted foreign markets. Finally, SMEs face higher real and perceived risks of exporting. They have fewer resources to address trade barriers they might face abroad, and they are less likely to have a diversified foreign customer base.”

    Report to the President on the National Export Initiative

    September 2010